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TiC Tallboy STi lever

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Shifters are a very subjective thing and quite a bit of it depends upon personal preference.  For example, let me tell you a little bit of a story:

We have this dude working here that we'll call EricZ.  We'll call him EricZ because that's his name.  He hates short shifters.  Hates them.  He doesn't like the feel, he doesn't like the reach to get to the knob. 

In fact, he actually wanted something a little taller than stock.  Hard to believe, but we have over the years had people ask this, but there was nothing available.

So, EricZ had a day where instead of working he felt like bugging the crap out of me. 

"Hey Clint!  Have Kartboy send a lever that's not welded.  Hey Clint! I want a taller lever.  Hey Clint! Have I told you about how sweet it would be to have a taller lever? HEY CLINT! HEY CLINT!  HEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYY........"

So, just to get him to shut the hell up and get back to work I called up Kartboy and the conversation went something like this:

"For the love of all that's holy please make EricZ a lever that's a little taller than stock so he'll just shut the hell up!"

Kartboy was nice enough to make us one... and it was good.  Really good. So, despite all of EricZ's 12 year old insistant whining it was actually really good.

We had Kartboy make us some more, and these are exclusive to TiC.  Like a fine bourbon these are made in very small batches, and are ever so sweet.

What you get is Kartboy's repositioned lower portion from his short shifter so you get the Kartboy mechanical advantage, but the upper portion is just a little longer than stock.  That upper portion just happens to be about 3/8" taller than stock.

What you get -

  • Nice shifts
  • A knob a little closer to the steering wheel
  • Kartboy quality
  • A sense of entitlement that you're better than other people
Manufacturer Turn In Concepts
SKU 1001-01-0030
Weight 1.0000
Price $175.00
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