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TiC Lateral Link Bushings - Race

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Your suspension. It's kind of important. Without it your car would suck. In fact, it would more than suck. It wouldn't even be a car. It would be more like a paperweight. A big paperweight for REALLY big pieces of paper. So, yeah, you kind of need it, and honestly the stock one works pretty well, but it's stock, and quite honestly could be better. Now, if you're of the performance minded persuasion then the suspension is one of those things you want to address. One of the things that you're going to want address is the bushings. Why? Well, soft bushings lead to a nice cushy ride, BUT also allows things to shift and move when placed under load. That imprecision and shifting is exactly what the performance minded of us DON'T want. So, you need to upgrade your bushings. Easily said, but in reality can be a TOTAL PITA. So, in TiC fashion we decided to address this. We came up with a bushing that's pretty easy to install. How? Well, we did a split bushing design. Now you can push the bushing halves in by hand. Ok. I'll admit you need something like a vise or c-clamp or even a dead blow hammer to push in the crush tube, but at least you won't need a 20 ton press and a whole mess of press tools. Now, ease of installation is always a nice thing to have, but we took it further. See, we have a problem with crossing the line. We see it, we know it's there, but just like everything we do we blow right past it. Sometimes it can be a liablity when in mixed company, but, funny thing, when it comes to developing parts nobody seems to mind. So, in addition to ease of installation here's what we did: Bushing! The bushings themselves are made from medical grade urethane and are Shore 95A hardness (that's pretty stiff). On top of that we had them impregnated with graphite so they are self lubricating. Now I wouldn't go so far as to call them maintenance free, but I can say they are maintenance reduced. Afterall, how many of us actually take apart our cars to regrease the bushings once a year. I'll bet you don't, and this way you won't have to feel so guilty. So, here's what we have so far: Easy install Great material Nice and stiff to cut down on wiggle Self lubricating Most would call it quits at that, but since we were on a roll we decided to push it just a little bit more. The crush tubes! There's really not much glamorous when it comes to crush tubes, but we're out to set a new standard on these. Instead of just some metal tube that's cut to length and then (sometimes) zinc plated we stepped up and made them even better. Machined from solid stock these STAINLESS STEEL crush tubes feature chamfered outter edges to help with the install, we broke the hard inside edge to keep things from rubbing or cutting or wearing funny, and we had the inside reamed smooth for ease of motion while in operation. So now our list grows to this: Easy install Great material Nice and stiff to cut down on wiggle Self lubricating Stainless crush tube Machined for easy install and longevity Smooth for best operation Now, we're wholly aware of the prices of the other offerings on the market. If you're not aware of them go take a look. You'll see ours are a little more expensive. Yep. I'm not going to argue that. Plain and simple they are worth it. Now, ask yourself, is your car's performance worth it? Those of the performance minded persuasion will think so.
Manufacturer Turn In Concepts
SKU 1001-02-0015
Weight 4.0000
Price $175.00
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