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Sway bar - 22mm heavy duty blade adjustable

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Lets face it, Subaru loves the MacPherson strut setup up front. It's fairly light weight, easy to make, easy to maintain, and easy to install at the factory. All great stuff when you think about those things.

The problem is that as the loaded wheel compresses the camber rolls over toward positive. In the end this reduces your available contact patch on the ground. This reduces front grip. THIS leads to more understeer as your tires skip sideways over the tarmac. NOT a good thing.

Fortunately, you can help control that by upping the wheel rate. Now you could do this with springs. Problem there is that begins to affect the ride quality. So, what's a guy to do? Well, the answer is the front anti-roll bar from Whiteline. It ups the wheel rate only in a turn, and helps to control some of that compression in a more civil manner. The end result is better handlings.

This particular bar is 22mm and two-way adjustable so you can tailor it to your driving style. As for fitment, you're looking at 2005+ LGT or 2008 WRX.



About Whiteline Swaybars:
Formerly Selbys Swaybars, Whiteline Swaybars are descended from this long standing quality brand name. The one and only Selbys Swaybars have been around for quite a while. In fact, we can trace our lineage back to 1965 but our development of swaybars continues into the new millennium under the Whiteline Swaybar brand.

The Whiteline Swaybars brand is proudly owned and manufactured by Whiteline Automotive here in Sydney Australia. The range consists of swaybar kits, custom bars and parts covering the biggest range of applications in the world. Only genuine Whiteline Swaybars are supplied in our signature "Silver Sparkle II" metallic powder coat colour.


Manufacturer Whiteline
SKU 1003-02-BSF30Z
Weight 8.8000
Price $215.82
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price $207.85

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