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Sway bar - 22mm heavy duty blade adjustable

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This is the Whiteline 22mm adjustable front swaybar for the WRX wagon. Like all Whiteline sways this one is solid, and features adjustment to one stiffer setting. Currently this is the largest front sway made by Whiteline for the WRX Wagon. As far as we know it's the stiffest on the market for this specific application.

Traditional thinking holds that if you want better rotation from the car you would change out the rear swaybar, and leave the front pretty much alone. Typically, you'd be correct, but due to the Subaru's McPherson front suspension setup this thinking has changed. See here's what happens - as you compress the front suspension in a turn the outside wheel rolls over more toward positive camber. Sure you could run more negative camber up front (in fact we recommend it), but you still roll over toward positive camber. This lowers your effective grip up front and leads toward more understeer. This is typically a bad thing. Now, let's be honest here - Subarus will understeer all day long, and something really needs to be done about it. Changing out this bar will help, in fact it will help a lot. With this fixed bar you get a much stiffer front bar that is a good compromise between performance and streetability, and it's a pretty good budget conscious choice.

About Whiteline Swaybars:
Formerly Selbys Swaybars, Whiteline Swaybars are descended from this long standing quality brand name. The one and only Selbys Swaybars have been around for quite a while. In fact, we can trace our lineage back to 1965 but our development of swaybars continues into the new millennium under the Whiteline Swaybar brand. The Whiteline Swaybars brand is proudly owned and manufactured by Whiteline Automotive here in Sydney Australia. The range consists of swaybar kits, custom bars and parts covering the biggest range of applications in the world. Only genuine Whiteline Swaybars are supplied in our signature "Silver Sparkle II" metallic powder coat colour.

Manufacturer Whiteline
SKU 1003-02-bsf12z
Weight 15.4000
Price $215.82
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price $207.85

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