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Our staff is the lifeblood of our company. They create the positive interactions with clients, facilitate the ultrafast free ground shipping and bring to life the new ideas and improvements that TiC is known for.

Our staff is made up entirely of automotive enthusiasts with passions ranging from Subarus to BMWs to Porsches to American muscle. The one thing we all have in common is a love of going fast!

Clint Boggess - Co-founder


Mechanical things have always fascinated me.  The how and why were always there, but even more important to me was how can I make it better.  Doing this is at the core of my being and makes up a large portion of who I am as a person.

As I have gone on in life that part of me has grown from small mechanical things to big mechanical things, and when I reached the point of tinkering with cars that inherent need became more satisified.  At least until I get an idea in my head on a new project.  Fortunately that always seems to circle back around to cars.

I found the same kind of thinking in Tony when we first met, and it wasn't long after that when we started tinkering on my Subaru.  We actually found something that was sorely needed for the car that nobody had thought about before so we did the work, and started offering the items as a hobby to help support our autocross and track habits. 

Once the part, our 04/05 STi linkage bushings, started to get more attention we were asked by customers to supply other complimenting parts.  It was at that point that what was a hobby started to grow into what has become a career. 

A career that I love as in my very heart I spend day in and day out thinking about how to make those mechanical things that fascinate me all that much better.


Tony Barber - Co-founder


I began my love of cars at an early age with posters of Lamborghinis and Ferraris on my wall and old issues of Road and Track and Car and Driver on my desk.  I have always been in love with all things mechanical and automotive.  I dabbled in car audio and electronics with my first car, a Merkur Scorpio, but fell in love with automotive performance when I purchased my 96 Mustang GT.  Many years and many cars later I am still interested in cars and all they have to offer from classics to modern engineering works of art.  If I can get in and drive it while having fun, that’s all that matters.


I started my career in banking IT, but left that world to pursue my automotive entrepreneurial dreams.  I have been working on cars for 20 years in one fashion or another and have built everything from domestics to European to Asian cars.  In my spare time I am typically at the shop wrenching on my own projects or out at a track teaching people how to drive in a performance driving situation. 


Kent Leach - Sales Manager


Growing up my Dad and his buddies were always wrenching on a muscle car of some kind in the garage. So it is no surprise that I followed in his footsteps and became a gearhead myself.

Over the years I have had the privilege of owning/building some truly fantastic cars that range from AMG Mercedes to Evo's to Subaru's to BMW's.

What brought me to Turn In Concepts was a true love for the hobby. I was tired of the corporate grind and the associated stress that came with it. Sure the money was great but at the end of the day I just was not happy with what I was doing for a living.

I have been friends with Tony and Clint for years and have trusted them with my personal vehicles so when they offered me a chance to come on board I didn't hesitate. I now get to do what I am truly passionate about on a daily basis and in the process help other car enthusiasts enjoy their vehicles even more. If you ask me it doesn't get much better than that!


Eric Zwart - Shop Manager


Eric Zwart has been an automotive enthusiast since day one.

He has worked on a multitude of cars from DSMs to Subarus, and Toyotas to Nissans, all with the purpose of increasing performance.

He is a nationally rated technician for Toyota and has been running a successful Lexington-based Subaru performance shop at night.

His top-notch experience, professionalism and candor make him the perfect addition to the TiC Team and we are thrilled to have him on board as a leader of our newly expanded service department.


Ethan Loomis - Tech

I knew I was going to go into the automotive realm for a career since I was young.  My very first toys were cars.  I laid on the floor fascinated by them, rolling them back and forth time after time. 

The years went by until I became of age to have my driver's license.  At that point I purchased my first car;  a 1997 Acura CL.  It wasn't much of an enthusiast vehicle, but I was able to learn the ropes of what it was like to diagnose issues and fix them. 

Going to school one day I went off the road and managed to damage my Acura pretty bad.  Instead of junking it, I went ahead and rebuilt it.  At this point I decided to put a better suspension underneather it, upgrade the wheels and tires, and turbocharge the engine. 

I decided to go to a local automotive program found through Cincinnati State Technical and Community College.  After attending classes there I was able to get my first automotive job.  I've continued to expand my knowledge by going to additional training classes or working alongside someone who has had much experience in the field. 

The opportunity came to me to work for Turnin Concepts.  I couldn't say no after realizing the goals they have short term and long term.  I'm excited to bring my knowledge of imports to TiC, and to expand that!