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Services Offered

Turn In Concepts offers a number of services to help you attain your goals whether for your daily driven car or full out track monster. Years of professional experience, attention to detail and collaborative access to world leading suppliers of performance goods can create telepathic response in all aspects of your performance vehicle.    

Some of the services offered, but not limited to, are:

  • Performance Engine Building
    • Road Race
    • Drag Race
    • Daily Driven
    • Balancing
    • Blueprinting
    • Assembly
    • Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • Suspension Tuning
    • Installation
    • Alignment
    • Corner Weighting
    • Damper valving and tuning
    • Appropriate tuning for use
    • Tire mouning and balancing
  • Race Preparation
    • NASA Tech Inspection
    • With thousands of hours of racing experience, TiC can help you climb the podium
  • AWD Dyno Diagnostics and Tuning
    • With the only AWD Dyno in Cincinnati TiC can help diagnose power issues and offer best of breed tuning solutions for your AWD or 2WD car.
  • General Maintenance
    • TiC can perform all of the general maintenance needs of your performance vehicle through their understanding of the enthusiast mindset and careful consideration of solutions that work.
  • Other
    • Pre Purchase Inspections
    • Walnut Blasting for Direct Injection engines
    • Ultrasonic parts cleaning
    • Racing Brake Caliper repair and service
    • Fender Rolling for function and form