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Kartboy Subaru Battery Tie

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Ok, so here's the deal. Kartboy got himself a new toy. It's a Haas VF2 CNC machine. He likes to describe it as his new part that makes other parts. As far as we know this is the first Subaru specific part to come off the machine. Yeah, we know it's a little blingy, and we're not much on bling (heck, just look at our website), but he sent us a freebie, and we couldn't resist. See, that's the problem with sending us freebies - it just whets our appetite to carry the stuff. Anyway, I'm getting off track - here's how we justified this little bit of bling. If you roadrace or autocross you know that part of the inspection is to make sure your battery is held in place nice and tight. Why is this - well in the event of a BHM (Boneheaded Maneuver) either by you or someone else you don't want that battery ripping loose and becoming an acid spewing missile. Think about it - that would be bad. So, anyway, during inspection officials check to make sure your battery is tied down. That means your battery gets looked at quite often. Why not show it off a little bit? Ok, there might be a little bit of weight savings with this one as it weighs in at a scant 63 grams, but we haven't weighed the stock one yet. It is really light though - I'm telling you I've had lint in my bellybutton that weighs more than this thing. Here's the features: Machined from aerospace quality billet aluminum Milspec 2 hard anodized coating Crazy nuts lightweight Little bit of bling
Manufacturer Kartboy
SKU 1002-10-kb-100
Weight 1.0000
Price $35.00
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price $35.00

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