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 Post subject: Who can use this board?
PostPosted: Tue Dec 17, 2013 10:44 am 
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Anyone and everyone! It's free, and we're hoping will help you guys out.

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 Post subject: Who can use this board
PostPosted: Mon Sep 11, 2017 12:56 pm 
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It has become apparent that the best path forward with this board requires changing the "Style" most of us have been using.

If you look up now and see the "Woodturners Unlimited" logo in the center of the heading then you are using a style called Artodia: Deluxe. You will need to change that to Prosilver.

If you see the logo on the left side you are already using Prosilver. You dont have to change anything, and you can skip the rest of this unless you are short on reading material.

Why do we need to change?
As you probably know, during the three weeks when we built this site we were all learning as we went. At that time some felt the Artodia style was more attractive than Prosilver so we made that the default style. Since then we have learned that almost all enhancements and fixes that are available for the software we are using are only applicable to Prosilver unless one wants to undertake efforts that require extensive technical expertise. We are already faced with examples of this; a photo viewing package called Highslide which is already installed on Prosilver, an integrated gallery which is available and we are working to install, and tutorials on making changes to the screen header for special links, logos, announcements, future advertising, and such.

What do you need to do?
Nothing if you are already using Prosilver.

If you are using Artodia logo in center top change your selection to Prosliver.

Do this by clicking your User Control Panel button upper left. Roll your mouse pointer over Overview and click Board Preferences. On the line where it says My board style: click the v on the selection box and select Prosilver then click Submit.

Thats it Well except for the whining and moaning we all do when we have to change something.

What else is different?
Take a minute to look around and you will find all the same functionality, just arranged a little differently.

Go to a post with multiple photos. Click one of the photos and play around with the results. Dont use Wallys beading post. Thats another story. He used some kind of upload magic that screws up the new photo presentation. Im not going to challenge him on it. Might find out he knows more about this computer stuff than I do.

There is a link associated with the logo in the header that will take you back to the front page. Also a "Home" button in the upper right next to "FAQ" that does the same. Right below that is a box what will be used for announcements and such. We now know how to put similar boxes at the bottom of the screen and certain other places on the different forums. Formatting text and images in these boxes is relatively straightforward.

Whats Next?
We will continue to work toward getting a gallery operational, and there are some other requests that have been made and we will take a look at. We may play with the color scheme a little, but opinions on that are like lathes; we all have one. And Im going to spend some time in my shop.

How long do I have before changing styles?
We will leave both styles available for a week or so just in case something has been overlooked or does not work properly. At some point we will take Artodia off the system and Prosilver will be the only choice.

Why dont we just call the vendor?
As you probably know, the underlying software we chose is called phpBB. It is one of the most widely used forum software packages available. Having been developed and made available free of charge to non-commercial users under a General Public License arrangement. Do a search on GPL and you will find more than you want to read. The key point is under this arrangement there is no guarantee of training, support, or even ongoing maintenance. Users are on their on to figure out how to use it. Documentation and advice is only available via internet forums which cease to be fun very quickly.

Having said all that, it is my opinion this package is as good as any available, free or purchased.

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