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TiC 06+ Subaru Shift Linkage Bushings

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People have been loving the 04-05 STi linkage bushings, but it turns out that Subaru changed some dimensions for the 06 model year. That means that the good old 04-05 bushings won't fit. Total bummer. So what to do? Well, how about this - new bushings. Not just new bushings, but bushings that fit (which is always a good thing). In fact it turns out that when Subaru changed the size they made them the same across all the models - both the 6MT AND the 5MT. So I guess Subaru made up for the bummer because these will now fit all the 06 manual transmission Subarus. So now you say, "Hey guys, that's great and all, but I'm not really familiar with them. What do they do?" Seems like a fair enough question to us, so let me answer it for you. First, these are not the Kartboy bushings. These are entirely different (if you also need the Kartboy bushings check out some of our other bundles). These go in the actual shifter u-joint (Some folks call it the trunnion). It cleans up the side to side slop You know that side to side slop that makes you mis-shift due to hanging up the stick between gates because things have gotten so sloppy? Yeah, these fix that. Instructions are very similar to the instructions for the 04-05 bushings. 5MT guys just don't have to worry about that whole lockout cable. To check out the instructions click here. **Attention 06 STi owners - we have run into a situation where Subaru has used the 04/05 linkage on some of the 06 STis. If your control rod/linkage core is GOLD in color then you need the 04/05 kit. If your control rod/linkage core is dark green in color you need the 06 kit.
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