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TiC 04-05 STi Shift Linkage Bushings

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If you have ever missed a 2-3 shift due to slop in the stick then this is your solution. The first innovative new product direct from TiC are these shift linkage bushings for the 2004 and 2005 USDM Subaru Impreza WRX STi. These bushings will help eliminate the free play of the shifter leading to an overall better feel of the stick, and making the gear selection "click" into place. To better understand what these do you have to understand the shortcomings of the stock linkage bushings. Between the shifter linkage arm and the control arm going into the transmission is a joint. It is this joint that is causing the lateral play in the stick. The stock joint is made of a u-joint assembly consisting of two tubes welded at right angles. In these tubes are the bushings. Inserted into these bushings are sleeve bearings, and running through the sleeve bearings are the bolts that hold the whole u-joint between the linkage arm fork and the control arm fork. In the stock configuration there are two places in this joint that create play in the system. The first is the clearance gap between the bolt and the sleeve bearing. The second is the gap between the sleeve bearing and the bushings. It is that second point that our bushings address. Over time the soft rubber bushings compress which translates to a greater amount of slop at the end of the stick. Our bushings are made from polyurethane and are designed with much tighter tolerences than the stock bushings. The tighter tolerences ensure significantly less slop over stock, while the polyurethane compound we use is much more resistant to compression, but at the same time compliant enough to keep NVH at an acceptable level.
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