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TiC V7 JDM 6MT Swap Super Shifter Set

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This kit is made up of five parts. The TiC V7 JDM Swap 6MT Shift Linkage Bushings, the Kartboy Front AND Rear Shifter Stay Bushing, the Kartboy Shifter Lever, and the TiC 6MT pivot bushings.

To understand how this works you have to understand what each part does. The TiC STi Shift Linkage Bushings replace the soft rubber bushings in the actual shift linkage joint. Over time the stock soft rubber bushings begin to "pack out" contributing to the problem of slop at the end of the stick. With the stock bushings the slop will get worse and worse until not only does it become almost impossible to find the gear you want, but also dangerous if you need to quickly pick a gear and shift into it. By replacing the shift linkage bushings with our much stiffer polyurethane bushings side to side slop will be minimized, packing out will no longer be a problem, and your shifts will snap into place with much more positive engagement. All this with minimal NVH compared to stock.

The Kartboy Front and Rear Stay bushings replace the two soft rubber stay bushings that come stock on the car. There are two hard mounting points for the shift lever assembly, and Subaru (for some unknown reason) decided to use really soft rubber for each one. The problem this creates is a vague sloppy feeling in the fore/aft motion of the stick which just leaves you with a blah feeling when you shift the car. Kartboy's bushings fix this by using a much stiffer urethane to replace each one making the shifting experience much better than what you are used to. Each gear will snap into place with a nice positive click, and that vague feeling you get at the end of the stick travel will be gone.

The Kartboy STi Shifter Lever for the Subaru WRX STi 6 Speed is the first non-Subaru version available. With a height reduction of 1" and a redesigned mechanical advantage, a throw reduction of 40% is achieved. CNC machined and Tig welded in the USA. Matched with the bushings above, a major improvement in the shifting is immediately felt, while retaining the factory reverse lock-out. When you combine these bushings with the lever you get a shifter setup that just begs to be snapped from gear to gear, and makes your entire driving experience much more enjoyable. Don't yell at us if you get tickets because you just can't resist snapping through the gears.

Manufacturer Turn In Concepts
SKU 1001-01-0224
Weight 2.0000
Price $245.00
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