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TiC CTS-V trailing arm bushing REAR

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We were asked by a member of the Caddy community to make this bushing. So we did. It took a while, but it's now available. What this is is the rear most trailing arm bushing. It's the one that goes in the knuckle end of the trailing arm (the rearmost position). Like all of our newest generation suspension bushings this one has the following features: Shore 95A medical grade urethane (this means no heavy metals are used in the manufacture) Graphite impregnation for self lubrication Split design for easy install Stainless steel crush tube milled from solid stock Installation is simple: Unbolt trailing arm from rear knuckle and pull arm down out of the way. Remove stock bushing (couple of big sockets and a c-clamp for work this or if you're a stud you can push it out by hand) Insert new bushing halves Insert crush tube (C-clamp works well for this) Align bolt hole Insert bolt Torque to factory spec (IIRC it's 129 lbs) Some additional tips: We know they are self lubricating. Believe me, we know, we designed the things. Despite this it's not going to hurt anything to use a little bit a lube when you assemble, BUT please use a water or silicone based lube. Petroleum lube will decay urethane (and rubber too). Before you completely tighten the bolt put the car down so it's sitting at normal suspension load. This will help to eliminate any preload in the bushing. Coffee and a sandwich are always good snacks for when you do installs. Fitment: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS We do not know if they will fit the CTS4 or any other GM products at this time. We're researching that.
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