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We can only answer questions regarding the products we produce, the brands that we carry, and the services we perform at Turn In Concepts. 

We cannot provide accurate and free advice over the phone about other products or companies with whom we do not have a relationship.  This is nothing personal; instead our current customers and their needs are our top priority.

This is not to say that we do not give advice, it is to say that our paying customers come first.  As a current or even a future customer this is a policy that you will come to appreciate.

We do, on a case by case basis, offer consultation services.

If you would would like to take advantage of our consultation services please contact one of our sales staff to arrange an appointment either in person or over the phone.  While there will be a fee for this service that fee will be credited toward your order should you wish to go forward with your project.  The value of this is twofold in that you will have a professional's undivided attention for the planning of your project, and given our staff's experience will save you time and money.