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HVT Coilover (GD 5x100)

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Pre sale order is SOLD OUT.  We are accepting orders for the next batch of coilovers, there currently is not an ETA.


That's right, the BEST coilover under $1000....under $900 actually.
Years of damper testing, building, supply, service and support from
a high end damper manufacturer has lead to the creation of the very
best coilover available at the sub $1000 price point.

Hanchey Vehicle Technologies (HVT) has been involved in the design and
distribution of high quality suspension components for years. They have
created and supported some of the best dampers used in applications
from street driven daily drivers to Grand Am race cars. The downside to
some of these dampers is the price which in the past has typically started
at $2500 and gone up from there. For the first time they have turned their
attention to the lower cost market to develop a suspension system for the
"everyman" car.

Using vast production and technological resources they have been able to
produce a set of coilovers designed for street use with the best ride comfort,
handling and longevity in mind. Through proper damper engineering the
damping profile has been designed for these three components on the specific
vehicle application for which they are sold. This means that each damper is
designed specifically for the intended car; there is no one shock for all with
different mounting tabs to make them work. This means the ride is
performance oriented which still be supple. They could be described as being
"3 series" like in feel.

Many people have heard of Turn in Concepts in relation to suspension components
for Subarus. We have been selling suspension related items to Subaru owners like
you for 10 years and have brought many of the popular suspension brands to you
first. We ONLY sell what works! If we don't believe in it and run it on our own
person cars we WILL NOT SELL IT! This is the first set of coilovers we have ever
sold that is under $1000 as it is the first set in that price range that we believe
in and would put our name behind.


Subaru Applications - 02-07 WRX and STI (5x100 and 5x114.3)
Max Stroke - Front 5.75" Rear 6.5"
Spring Rate - 6k front and rear, helpers included
Bodies - Stainless Steel
Tophats compatibility (not included) - Stock, Group N, HVT, MSI, Whiteline
Valving - specifically designed for the GD chassis for comfort and performance
Damping - Fixed (you don't need adjustment when the damping is this good)
Brake line Brackets welded to bodies
Warranty - 1 year parts and labor

Manufacturer HVT
SKU 1020-02-0006
Weight 1.0000
Price $930.00
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price No

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